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Nobody alive today will ever forget the Zombie War. The Undead overwhelmed the planet within a matter of weeks, chaos ensued, and the second dark age of mankind began.

For those who survived, some semblance of normality is beginning to return. It has been years since victory was declared. Books have been written, films have been made and life has taken on at least a shadow of what it was like before the fall.

Most of central Africa remains uninhabitable, as do broad swaths of South East Asia. It is unlikely that the Indian subcontinent will ever again see living visitors. But despite the shifted borders and sweeping wastelands, people are finding it easier to not jump at the slightest nighttime sound.

Battles like the Siege of Denver and the firebombing of Chicago have replaced such names as Bunker Hill and D-Day in the post-war lexicon, and the stories of those events are forever seared into the story of mankind.

But for everyone who didn't live through the apocalypse, for the children of the survivors, the names of those places will never be cause for fear, nor memories of hope. Decades will pass and the nightmares will fade until they are nothing but words on a page.

When I found this journal I had no idea if the author himself had survived the war, which is why I wanted to make sure his memories remained. They are all here, posted on the exact date written, a firsthand Chronicle of the Zombie Apocalypse.


The First Four Entries

What follows are the first four entries in the Journal. I have added some clarifying details in italics, but will attempt to avoid writing too much of my own information.

November 9th

Something feels wrong.

All the news has been talking about today has been the South American Disease. Whatever that is. Some sort of outbreak of rabies or flu, something that has the people going crazy. But instead of making a big deal out of it… they're acting like its nothing to be worried about.

How can they be talking about a possible global pandemic without making it the focus of the evening's broadcast? It must be some sort of ratings thing. I've never heard of any disease from South America, let alone something that could be some sort of global threat. I find it hard to believe… I remember Mad Cow Disease… whatever happened with that? This is probably something to do with the World Cup.

But something is different, something has changed from the last "global threat" and the one before that. I think its the reporter's voices. Something about them, their tone has changed. 

They keep mentioning it without giving any details, they're talking more about World Cup festivities…

An epidemic of people attacking other people should be the number one news story, but they're telling us all about crop shortages in California and floods in Cameroon and the fifth day of the soccer tournament… 

Leslie has been calling every couple hours… she seems pretty panicked. Allan is just ignoring it.

My doctor tells me to keep a journal and I spend day one writing about what TV I watched… I'm not very good at this.

November 10th

It's pouring today. I woke up when the garbage truck backed into the wall outside my apartment. Of course the one day of the week I don't have to work is the day I get to hear three angry, fat South Philadelphians yelling at each other right outside my window. Joy upon joys.

I had about fifteen voicemails from Leslie… I've stopped listening to them.

I really don't know what I should be writing about here. Dr. Cooper will probably say I'm doing it wrong when I see him next week.

No reports from South America today. Even the World Cup went unmentioned.

At 11:52 on November 9th, the former government of the United States of America began shutting down the southern border. National Guard were sent to reinforce the line and all entry was barred into the United States, citizens included.

November 11th

Got to work today and the President was giving some speech. He was talking about the troop movements at the Southern Border and urging everyone to remain calm. He said it was all "routine"…

that doesn't make any sense. How can troop movements be routine. Allan and I were talking, he thinks its some sort of political coup or something. Some drug war that is threatening to spill over into the US. I asked what he thought about the reports of disease and he said it was probably just an excuse to send "doctors" down there. He thinks we actually sent CIA operatives to take over South America.

They mentioned the disease once on the news today, said it was an isolated incident in rural Brazil. Told everyone not to worry.

Sounded like the exact same thing the president said.

November 12th

I've been glued to the TV… what's weird is that I don't actually know why. Something feels wrong. They're not reporting on the troops at the border, they're not reporting about anything happening in South America or anything happening anywhere else. All they have playing is some shit piece about New Jersey corruption and teen beauty pageants.

I think I'll go to the grocery store today.

After this entry, the journal does not pick back up until early December.

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